The Institute’s international relations with the external scientific geological community are intensively developing.
As a result of joint work with the Institute of Geological Sciences and Natural Resources of Germany, seven sets of ArcInfo licensed programs were obtained to create a unified database on hazardous geological processes and their mapping in GIS.
The Institute participates in the Interstate Program of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Uzbekistan “Exploration of the Earth and outer space for peaceful purposes” and in the International Project “Geology, Mineralogy and assessment of the current state of Central Eurasia”.
Currently, the issue of cooperation with the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is being worked out in the field of work on the creation of a digital database using modern GIS series software products and archive and library systems of international standard (such as LIBRIS).
Every year, young specialists went to Germany, the USA, India, Turkey, Japan and other countries for training, exchange of experience and development of new knowledge and technologies.
Specialists of the Institute regularly take an active part in the work of the International Geological Congress, which is held every 4 years.
In 2004, during participation in the 32nd Congress in Florence (Italy), the proposals of the Institute’s participants on the creation of an ecological and geological map of the world were supported by the World Geological Society and included in the decision of the Congress.
In the 33rd International Geological Congress, which was held in 2008 in Oslo (Norway), a geological delegation from Uzbekistan consisting of 26 specialists, including young ones, also took an active part in the Congress in various areas of work of the sections. As a result of participation in the Congress, the geological youth of Uzbekistan joined the newly formed International Network of Young Geologists (YES Network – Young Earth Scientist’s Network). An employee of the HYDROINGEO Institute is currently the National Representative to YES from Uzbekistan. Detailed information is available on the website http://yes-uzbekistan
It is planned that the Institute’s specialists will participate in the 34th International Geological Congress in 2012 in Brisbane (Australia).