Production activity

Production activities
The Institute carries out:

study and use of water resources;

study and use of hydromineral resources;

research in the field of reclamation hydrogeology;

groundwater monitoring;

study of the processes of pollution and depletion of water reserves;

research in the field of engineering geodynamics;

study of hydrogeological and engineering-geological conditions of mineral deposits;

study of environmental conditions of cities and industrial zones;
development of new technical means;

development of underground water exploration technologies and their rational use;

development of technologies for artificial replenishment of fresh groundwater reserves and their protection from pollution;

development of technologies for processing hydromineral raw materials and their use;

determination of physical and mechanical properties of rocks;

conducting topogeodesic works and issuing maps;

construction and major repairs;

provision of paid services to legal entities and individuals;

production of fertilizers for agriculture;

cultivation of agricultural products;

bottling of mineral and drinking water;

publication of monographs, collections, recommendations, instructions, articles, promotional articles and other publications;

cooperation with organizations, institutions, enterprises and departments of Uzbekistan and foreign countries;

training of scientific staff through doctoral studies, postgraduate studies and job seekers;

training in advanced training courses;

opening of branches of educational departments and training of university students.
Individual activities The Institute can be engaged on the basis of licenses