Resources and reserves of groundwater

Full name : Miryusupov Fazliddin Mukhitdinovich
On the position:  From December 1, 2015
Post:  Head of the Laboratory

The laboratory provides the following services:

Determination of the degree of availability of fresh groundwater resources in the context of regions and districts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Assessment of the current state of fresh groundwater deposits and a preliminary forecast of its changes

Calculation of hydrogeological parameters of aquifers (preliminary estimation of parameters, estimation of parameters of the CMOS, numerical and analytical methods for calculating parameters using the HydroPar software product)

Assessment (revaluation) of operational groundwater reserves.

Develops recommendations and methodology for the effective selection of areas of exploration for fresh groundwater and their rational use. Study of geological and hydrogeological conditions of fresh groundwater deposits, calculation of groundwater reserves using modern modeling software products and GIS technologies. Justification of the most effective types and schemes of PV water intakes (borehole, gallery).

The most significant achievements of the past years:

– The methodology of estimation of forecast resources and regional operational reserves of underground waters of the Republic has been developed,

– For the first time, a preliminary assessment of the forecast resources and regional operational reserves of groundwater in the territory of the Republic was carried out, which made it possible to give a feasibility study of the prospective use of groundwater for the national economy.

– The principles of allocation of natural groundwater deposits for water supply purposes, the methodology of their exploration and evaluation of the projected groundwater resources of the deposit and operational reserves in its individual sections (operational fields) have been developed.

– The recommendations on the integrated use of surface and underground water resources are substantiated, allowing their most efficient and rational use.

– A technique has been developed to enhance the supply of groundwater through targeted artificial replenishment of their reserves in certain areas of groundwater deposits, where the amount of natural resources and groundwater reserves is limited and significantly less than the need.

– A methodology for assessing the operational reserves of groundwater based on numerical and analog mathematical models has been developed.


– The issues of the manifestation of natural water scarcity of sources of formation of resources of groundwater deposits (MPW) are investigated.

– A methodology has been developed for assessing the geofiltration parameters of aquifers according to experimental filtration works, which is implemented in the form of a methodological manual for automating the calculation of parameters on a PC.

– Methodological requirements for revaluation of operational groundwater reserves in modern conditions of their formation have been developed.

– modern numerical models of the Modflow type have been tested, which make it possible to forecast the operational reserves of groundwater based on solving hydrodynamic and migration problems.


All developments have been put into production and are presented in more than 20 monographs.


Currently, the laboratory has highly qualified personnel, modern computer equipment, necessary software systems (“Modflow”, “Gidropar”). This makes it possible to successfully solve in the coming decades, first of all, the tasks aimed at preserving fresh groundwater deposits due to the increasing shortage of drinking water sources for the growing population of the Republic. To do this, you will need:

– to assess the current state of all fresh groundwater deposits under conditions of anthropogenic load and changing sources of groundwater formation based on the consistent creation of models — informational, hydrogeological and mathematical (numerical).

– to substantiate the reliable geofiltration structure of the mathematical models of the MPPV, which are the basis determining its quantitative and qualitative indicators.

– to develop mathematical models of MPV that fully meet the hydrogeological on a reliable geofiltration basis, which will allow assessing the current state of the field, its existing resources and groundwater reserves and will serve as the initial basis for monitoring studies and revaluation of operational reserves of deposits.


Currently, the laboratory’s research solves poorly studied tasks within the framework of the above strategic direction:
– links between geofiltration and migration parameters are being clarified;

– the regularities of the distribution of geofiltration parameters of aquifers are studied;

– long-term studies on the study of the manifestation of low water sources of the formation of resources of groundwater deposits are summarized;

– the methodology of research on groundwater monitoring and the structure of its network are being improved and worked out.