Full name : Miryusupov Fazliddin Mukhitdinovich
On the position:  From December 1, 2015
Post:  Head of the Laboratory

The laboratory provides the following services:
Substantiation of technologies for extracting groundwater by horizontal water intakes for household and drinking water supply for the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services.

Assessment of operational reserves of underground water by borehole centralized water intakes for household and drinking water supply
According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to streamline the control and accounting of the rational use of groundwater reserves for 2017-2021”, the laboratory “Reclamation hydrogeology and drainage” was formed.

Currently, the laboratory employs 12 employees, of which 5 are leading specialists, 1 is a master’s student.

Developed territories with favorable conditions for land reclamation
Developed areas with poor drainage

Territories of the Republic of Uzbekistan subject to salinization processes
Territories subject to secondary salinization processes
The subject of the laboratory’s activity is to conduct research on the study of the process of regional salinization of soils of the aeration zone and groundwater and their forecast in irrigated areas, including:

Identification of spatial and temporal patterns of filtration and migration processes occurring in the aeration zone based on experimental studies in areas with different mechanical composition, degree of soil salinity and groundwater regime;

Mathematical modeling of physico-chemical processes occurring in the aeration zone and in groundwater, and forecast of salt removal from irrigated areas;

Development of a set of measures to improve the land reclamation condition based on field studies at experimental landfills and mathematical modeling of salinization processes.