DEVELOPS: A set of ongoing requests on topics of interest to customers.

PERFORMS: Information support on permanent requests; one-time searches, targeted queries; orders for primary sources on the IBA, translations of publications from foreign languages, photocopying of scientific and technical literature, information searches for scientific and technical documentation in the field of new equipment and technology, orders for the purchase of technical documentation.

POSESSES : Reference and information fund with a depth of 12 – 15 years in the areas of hydrogeology, engineering geology, hydrogeophysics, etc., a card file of scientific and technical documentation, IR, translations, addresses.

OFFERS: Comprehensive information support on issues of hydrogeology, engineering geology, hydrogeophysics, etc.




PhD students


Candidates of Science



International relations

In the 33rd International Geological Congress, which was held in 2008 in Oslo (Norway), a geological delegation from Uzbekistan consisting of 26 specialists, including young ones, also took an active part in the Congress in various areas of work of the sections.
As a result of participation in the work of the Congress, the geological youth of Uzbekistan entered the newly formed International Network of Young Scientists-Geologists (YES Network – Young Earth Scientist’s Network).
An employee of the HYDROINGEO Institute is currently the National Representative in YES from Uzbekistan. Detailed information is available on the site http://yes-uzbekistan.blogspot.com Participation of the Institute specialists in the 34th International Geological Congress in 2012 in Brisbane (Australia) is planned.