Full name: Dilyara Askhatovna Ismailova
In office: From March 12, 2018
Position: Head of the Laboratory

«Creation of an electronic library in the field of hydrogeology, engineering geology and geoecology and providing scientific and technical information to specialists of departments of the State Committee for Geology of the Republic of Uzbekistan.».

At present, the problem of water supply to the population and the provision of water to the national economy is extremely urgent in the Republic. Groundwater is the most important component of the total water resources. In this connection, the creation of electronic geological fund arrays and a scientific and technical library at the institute was and is vital in the face of the ever-existing, but now sharply increased demand for geological information. Hydrogeological and engineering-geological studies consist in summarizing all available hydrogeological materials in accordance with the existing methodological recommendations of the hydrogeological stratification scheme and the new generation hydrogeological map. This will simplify and speed up the work of specialists.

Transfer to electronic media of reports on the section “Hydrogeological and engineering-geological studies of the territory of Uzbekistan”.