Full name : Miryusupov Fazliddin Mukhitdinovich
On the position:  From December 1, 2015
Post:  Head of the Laboratory

The laboratory provides the following services:

Determination of the degree of availability of fresh groundwater resources in the context of regions and districts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Assessment of the current state of fresh groundwater deposits and a preliminary forecast of its changes

Calculation of hydrogeological parameters of aquifers (preliminary estimation of parameters, estimation of parameters of the CMOS, numerical and analytical methods for calculating parameters using the HydroPar software product)

Assessment (revaluation) of operational groundwater reserves.

Develops recommendations and methodology for the effective selection of areas of exploration for fresh groundwater and their rational use. Study of geological and hydrogeological conditions of fresh groundwater deposits, calculation of groundwater reserves using modern modeling software products and GIS technologies. Justification of the most effective types and schemes of PV water intakes (borehole, gallery).